Cheap art Dorval,
Cheap paintings Dorval.
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Cheap paintings Montreal.

45 Bouchard Blvd., 1-b, Dorval, H9S 1A6
Quebec, Canada.



Unfortunately or maybe I should say fortunately due to serious medical reasons now I'm unable to have a conventional job, but this has finally given me a change to do what I really love so much!

Now that I have met the amazing world of art it's something I'll never stop doing, I just love it too much, it's basically the reason of my life, I must also confess my concern for the welfare of the animals in the world and the environment are also issues that are extremely close to my heart.

I have been an artist for 15 years now, at the beginning I took part in Solo & Group exhibitions where my pieces were well received by the public and were quickly sold.

What I love the most is to see that the people like my style and are ready to have my paintings in their homes.

My exhibitions were not only successful but incredibly enjoyable!

From modern to ultra-modern my next collection will have a taste of what ultra-modern in art really means don’t miss my next collection!

Thank you for your visit!


Cheap art Dorval,
Cheap paintings Dorval
Cheap art Montreal
Cheap paintings Montreal
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45 Bouchard Blvd., Dorval, QC, Canada, H9S 1A6
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