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I'm a painter, I mainly paint abstract pieces but I enjoy painting in all the styles, I draw as well; I very much enjoy to practice all forms of art, en caustics, sculpture, polymer, resin, and all handcrafts in general.

Is almost impossible to say why I'm so attracted to be an artist, but what I do know is that I enjoy every single moment I work in my paintings and drawings, it's work but it's a such satisfying work and is an activity that I really need to be happy in life.

The most important characteristics of my pieces are that they're elegant and only originals!

I put a lot of attention to every detail of my pieces and make sure that the small details are not neglect, since I know that the little details makes a big difference in the quality of the finish product, my paintings are not mass produce but they’re the product of love and passion for art, my goal is not to make a sale but to have my paintings recognize as beautiful works of art!

My 15 years of experience as a professional artist allows me to produce paintings with a quality that reflects my experience.

All my life I always loved art, but of course is not something that I got support as a career prospect when the time was to choose a profession or occupation, my family would pay any college or university that I chose for any course except art, because it was understood that this is not a career that would pay my bills. Unfortunately or maybe I should say fortunately due to serious medical reasons now I'm unable to have a conventional job, but this has finally given me a change to do what I really love so, so much!

Now that I have met the amazing world of art it's something I'll never stop doing, I just love it too much, it's basically the reason of my life, I must also confess my concern for the welfare of the animals in the world and the environment are also issues that are extremely close to my heart, that's why I always try to volunteer and help anyway I can to those 2 causes.

I have been an artist for 15 years now, at the beginning I took part in Solo & Group exhibitions where my pieces were well received by the public and were quickly sold.

What I love the most is to see that the people like my style and are ready to have my paintings in their homes.

My exhibitions were not only successful but incredibly enjoyable!

Now I also exhibit my pieces on line, which make it so convenient to shop from the comfort of your own home!
The paintings you see today on my shop are all my latest works, all so different one to the next, all one of a kind originals, nothing is made for money, my art is extremely concern about quality of the materials but also the art itself, my pieces are not rushed they take their time because I take pride of my work!

What I like so much about creating, is that you never know what’s going to happen, it’s a big surprise every single time, there’s not bad way to paint a piece, there is only a lot of fun to have and then the amazement when you reveal what you put in canvas!, is all about feelings and unconscious thoughts, conscious ones too of course, and also you change it a bit here and there accordingly to what you think it looks the best, and when you’re satisfied then you are done and happy!!

From modern to ultra-modern my next collection will have a taste of what ultra-modern in art really means don’t miss my next collection!

Thank you for your visit!

Up to 20% of all sales will be donated to STERI-ANIMAL.ORG


Is an organization based in Montreal that assist people and families with low income that for one or other reason can't afford the operation to spay or neuter their pet, I myself have been help by them and I can certainly say that if wouldn't have been for them I don't know who could have help me.

I highly recognize the necessity of the existence of this organization and more organization like them, we have in Montreal serious need of assistance, there're many families that have a very low income and that aren't able to pay the full price of the vets.

For that reason and because at the end the little poor cats and dogs are the ones who pay the price I'm giving my little grain of sand to help them.

Support them by donating to them directly or by buying one or more painting in my site.

Thank you so much!! (for direct donations)

Materials used: love!

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Patricia Milla Painter, she also enjoy modeling with polymer clay, collecting vintage items... etc.
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Love to do portraits! you never know how they will come out exactly, love the anticipation!
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Here in one of my exhibitions, having a good time with art and friends, what more can I ask?!
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Love to create, this painting is full of texture, and contrast!
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In a group exhibition I participated, full of excitement! The ambiance is always great!!


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